Bonus Ball Lottery Rules

1.  This Sweepstake game is being run in aid of Houghton Bowls Club.
2.  The promoter is Wayne Hartshorn, 5 Winckley Close, Houghton-on-the-Hill. Tel: 0116 241 0005
3.  Entry is charged at £1 per number.
4.  There is no restriction on how many numbers any one person can buy.
5.  The single and only winner is the person whose number corresponds with the number drawn as the Bonus Ball on
     'The Health Lottery
' draw each week.
6.  The winner shall receive 60%* of the income from numbers sold in that week. The remaining 40%** shall be donated to
     Houghton Bowls Club. 
7.  If in any week the bonus ball drawn has not been sold a share of the income (as in 6 above) shall be donated to Houghton
     Bowls Club and the remainder shall be added to the prize money awarded in the next competition. The same rule would
     apply in the event of no winning number being purchased in subsequent weeks.
8.  Completed game cards shall be lodged each week with the bowls club treasurer along with the proceeds
9.  The winner shall be notified by the promoter or another bowls club committee member within 48 hours of the draw
     being made.
10. In the event of less than 10 numbers being sold in any one week the sweepstake shall be void and all monies returned.

                *             Rounded up to the nearest £
                **           Rounded down to the nearest £